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Béland, Sébastien’s PUPP recording

  1. Sébastien Béland (EN). 2024-02-27. Intentional Plagiarism Testing Risk Aversion Hypothesis.


Eaton, Sarah’s PUPP recording

  1. Sarah Eaton (EN). (2023-01-26). Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Plagiarism and Academic Writing.

Links shared during Sarah’s webinar:

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Glendinning, Irene’s PUPP recording

  1. Irene Glendinning (EN). (2023-22-09). Institutional integrity developing student skills to reduce breaches of academic and research integrity.

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King, Alyson’s PUPP recording

  1. Alyson King (EN). (2022-11-28). Now What Do I Do? Learn How To Manage Academic Integrity Reports Using Case Studies.

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Parnther, Ceceilia’s PUPP recording

  1. Ceceilia Parnther (EN). (2023-10-26). The Reference Resource: What, When, How and Why of Referencing.

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Razi, Salim’s PUPP recording

  1. Salim Razi (EN). (2023-04-26). Anonymous Multi Mediated Writing Model in Preventing Plagiarism.

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Sivasubramaniam, Shivadas’s PUPP recording

  1. Shivadas Sivasubramaniam (EN). (2023-03-27). Considering and Applying Ethics in Every Step of Your Research Journey.

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