Are you passionate about the phenomenon of plagiarism in academia? Find out about research on plagiarism and academic integrity from around the world.


  • Government of Canada. (2022). TCPS 2: Core 2022 (Course on Research Ethics). Panel on Research Ethics. Online Tutorial CORE-2022 (Course on Research Ethics).

Tools and useful platforms

  • Identify trusted publishers for your research: “Think. Check. Submit.” “Think. Check. Submit.” is a platform to help researchers to identify trusted sources for their research.” Click here for more.
  • The Embassy of Good Science – Your platform for research integrity and ethics. The Embassy is proposing tools to support researchers with Themes, Resources, Connexion with reasearch community, Training…  Click here for more.



  • Eaton, S. E. & Christensen Hughes, J. (2022).  Academic Integrity in Canada – An Enduring and Essential Challenge. Series: Ethics and Integrity in Educational Contexts, Volume 1, Pages 593. An eBook published on SpringerLink. You can download here.

Articles (Blog, News and More)

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