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Welcome to the
Partnership on University Plagiarism Prevention (PUPP)!

In the face of plagiarism, the scourge of the Web 2.0 era, the PUPP focuses on prevention rather than punishment of this increasingly common fraudulent practice.

How can plagiarism in the academic world be prevented rather than punished?

Through the use of Digital Scrapbooking Strategies (DSS)!

DSS facilitates the search for information on the web and its integration into writing, as well as the referencing of authors used in the production of an academic work.

This highly innovative approach to PUPP will:

  1. Provide unprecedented information about the DSS’ used and taught at the university,
  2. Provide pedagogical solutions that enable students to acquire the skills necessary to write effectively and with integrity in a digital context,
  3. Enrich the humanities.

“Why do we need an international research partnership on plagiarism prevention?”

Listen here to a conference in English given in May 2022,
for the ECAIP 2022 event, in Porto (Portugal) by
Martine Peters, PUPP Director,
explaining the PUPP project.

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